Sunday, March 3, 2013

Something like Vivi Lips

If eyes are the windows to the soul, lips are the mirrors of one’s character and temperament
Previously, I have blogged different color of lips~
Now, thinking to share some easy steps and tips for lips make up~
I am not an expert here but just want to share~

Firstly, clean your lips and it's suggest to have a layer of lips balm for dry lips~
Besides, if you have a darker lips color, you have to block your lips color with flesh-toned primer or concealer~ This is very important for those who have darker lips~
After that,apply the lipstick on your lips~ personally, I prefer to apply it directly rather than using brush~
If you really need color last longer, you can use lips liner before lipstick~

After lipstick~

Now, apply the a layer of sheer lip gloss to your lips~
To make your lips appear fuller, emphasize the middle of both upper and lower lips with your lips gloss~
Which is my favorite part too ♥

Done ♥

I am using Estee Lauder's lips products~


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