Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another good day at Phucket island~
The day get started with the fresh food and fruit~

This was my first plate, i got myself second, third.......^^

Sometimes, we spent our time in the reading room~
there were desktops inside the room, i liked its keyboard~

I loved my long dress, it was so comfortable~

Dinner~ seafood ~

Went for drinks at bar after dinner, the cocktails were nice~
its called Magarita~

That's all for the day~
good night~

Monday, June 13, 2011

On the flight to Phucket island, it's a beautiful place, i must say~
the trip was a reward, for finishing my 4 years degree小星星
Thanks for him preparation,for everything~
We took the flight in the very early of the morning, reached the airport at 5am~
the airport already very crowded when we reached, something i did not expect to

Checked in at 9am~
the hotel was awesome~
the staffs were friendly and welcome us before we step into the lobby~
i will recommend this hotel if anyone is spending his/her holiday in Phucket~

One of my favorite part about the room, comfortable and clean balcony~

Beverage provided~

My outfit of the day~
This is the thing that i emphasize all the time in my blog~

Lunch~tasted nice~

Dinner served with curry beefs and stemmed fish with lemon lime sauce~
both dishes were delicious, especially the fish, must try when you are here~

Chocolate banana pan cake~
this yummy dessert ended up the day perfectly~

to be continued....