Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another simple post with the photos from mobile phone~
Using mobile phone's camera is much more convenience~
Especially for the unexpected day or mood for some simple&instant snapshot~
I was having Kimchi soup as my Friday's dinner on that day~Felt so satisfied and warm with hot soup in my tummy~
I always Craving for hot soup, especially the spicy one~

Dinner of a recent Friday~Korean Cuisine~
Kimchi soup definitely is the ♥~

That's all~
Just a simple one~
Will be updated soon~

Monday, October 29, 2012

My Life~

Although I 'm just a 23 years old girl~
but I always feel life is short and I don't want to waste any seconds or minutes~
Especially the happy moments with the love one~
However, I believe different people enjoying life in different ways~What's yours?
For me, a delicious breakfast can make my day~
Recently, I just fell in ♥ with toast accompany by coffee~
Max♥ Satisfaction can be achieved~
I have tried variety of foods recently, maybe I should do some review for them in my blog~lol~
Below are the picture captured with mobile phone,picked them randomly~
This is a post before I sleep~so~
Good night,world~

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Endless summer with Roxy♥

It was a sunny day for Melaka~
We already get used with this weather since the sun never left us here~
I did not wear any sunblock because I wanted to keep myself and everything to be simple and light, as well as my outfit~ ((I'm glad that I did not get sun burn because of this))

In love with the Roxy's ribbon tie spaghetti top ♥ (pattern & color)
Summer feel to the max~it gave me stylish look without overheating~
In fact,almost everything from Roxy~
You just couldn't get wrong or lost with the combination of spaghetti top& shorts♥ for a summer look!

Top: Roxy
White Short: Roxy
Flip Flops: Roxy
Bag: Longchamp